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Michelle - Dermatologic Surgery Associates

"I manage a medical facility where attention to detail is important. We have been thrilled with the service and the dependability over the 2 years Classic Cleaners has been our cleaning service. I give them the highest recommendation!"

Cleaning Services

Medical Office Cleaning

Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Dentist Offices, Clinics, Medical Labs, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

The medical cleaning world is more regulated than other types of facilities we clean. Therefore specific medical and health-care rules and guidelines must be followed. These health-care and medical cleaning guidelines may need to be documented as part of the entire facility cleaning procedure. Classic Cleaners uses only OSHA approved cleaning agents and our employees are trained to adhere to all OSHA guidelines.

Banking Facility Cleaning

Classic Cleaners is familiar with the special trash removal procedures within the banking industry and understand the sensitive nature of “teller trash” and other confidential documents. We also are sensitive to the high security demands and have experience working with many types of alarms and coded access systems.

Furthermore, all of our employees sign confidentiality statements and key assignment agreements to ensure limited accessibility to the bank and its resources. Our personnel are trained on how to specifically give your office or facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time they clean.

Banking is a highly competitive industry. Classic Cleaners understands that image is a key component of a bank’s marketing and customer service efforts. We take pride in the appearance of each and every facility we clean.

Church Cleaning

We at Classic Cleaners understand the unique challenges of cleaning church buildings. Above all else, we want to take away the “headache” of cleaning so that the church can focus on touching people’s lives in a positive way.

We understand ‘Church’ and our cleaning as a tool to help you focus on your ministry. We take special care to ensure that the nursery is in top shape so that members and visitors alike feel comfortable dropping their children off for the service. We likewise understand the special scheduling demands of churches and are willing and flexible to meet your time requirements. Furthermore, we are happy to offer additional cleaning in instances of special events such as weddings and funerals.

Classic Cleaners will sanitize restrooms and nursery rooms, reducing the spread of germs, allowing the church to provide a more comfortable environment for its congregation and visitors. You can always be confident that the cleanliness of your facility will be something you can be proud of.

Restaurant Cleaning

The first thing a customer in your restaurant notices is how clean your kitchen and dining room is, not your food or drinks. No matter how many times a customer visits your restaurant, cafe, bistro or diner, if the facility is not clean, the experience will not be good.

Your cleaning service can make or break the reputation of your restaurant, and still this aspect is often ignored. You could spend your time training restaurant employees on proper cleaning methods for all the cleaning surfaces in your establishment: food prep areas, floors, bathrooms and dining areas or you can hire a commercial cleaning company that are experts in cleaning food service facilities Classic Cleaners specializes in cleaning restaurant environments. Our employees are trained to clean thoroughly, your job is to serve the best food and drink possible.

General Office Cleaning

Class A, Class B and Class C Commercial Office Space

Commercial office buildings of all sizes rely on Classic Cleaners to handle their cleaning service needs. These services ensure your commercial office building looks its very best each and every day. Commercial office building cleaning services include: Sweeping, mopping of hard floor areas, vacuuming of carpeted areas, dusting, cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms and break areas and removal of trash from your premises.

Depending on your needs your needs, Classic Cleaners can accommodate once, twice, three times, or five times per week service.